Applicants – make sure you’re receiving important emails from the college

Message for anyone who has applied to a course at Edinburgh College:

The college is sending important emails to applicants about their applications, including offers of places on courses.

To receive emails from the college, we must be marked as a safe sender by your email provider. If not, our emails might be marked as spam and blocked from your inbox.

To check if you have the college listed as a safe sender and, if not, learn how to change this, check our Email Filters and Safe Senders Guide.  This covers all the main email providers, including Gmail, Outlook, Live, Hotmail, Yahoo, BT and AOL.

How to check your emails:

All the emails we try to send you are stored in your Edinburgh College applications account. So, even if you didn’t receive an email, you can still find it. Log in here to check for emails.