Apply now for the position of Chair of the Board of Management

How do I apply for the Chair of the Board position?

Further information on the vacancy, and how to apply for the role of Chair of the Board, can be found on the Public Appointments website.

Where can I find out further information about the Edinburgh College Board of Management and its governance arrangements?

  • The Board

The first meeting of the Edinburgh College Board of Management, following a review of membership in alignment with the Post-16 Education (Scotland) Act (2013), took place on 24 March 2015. The Board is responsible for securing the coherent provision of high-quality fundable higher and further education in Edinburgh. The Board is thus required to oversee the strategic planning of College provision across Edinburgh and the Lothians, the allocation of funding, and the monitoring of performance.

The Board has worked effectively with the Executive Team to further develop the positive culture, coherence and sustainability of the College.

A regional board, such as the Edinburgh College Board of Management, should consist of a Regional Chair, up to 12 non-executive members, the Principal, two elected staff members, and two nominated student members. Further information on the Board and its current membership can be found on the Board of Management webpages here.

For information. Agendas, papers and approved minutes from meetings of the Edinburgh College Board of Management, and its six sub-committees, can be accessed here.

  • College Governance

Further Information on the governance framework within which the Edinburgh College Board of Management operates can be found here.

  • Key Publications

The College has published a number of documents which detail its current workings and its plans for the future, these include:

  • Strategic Plan 2017-22
  • Annual Reports and Financial Accounts to July 2018(*)
  • Regional Outcome Agreement 2019/20
  • How Good is Our College?

All the above documents can be accessed here.

*Please note, the Annual Reports & Financial Accounts to July 2019 are expected to be published by the SFC in April 2020.

If you have any further queries regarding the above please contact:

Marcus Walker, Clerk to the Board, by calling 0131 344 7048; or by emailing