Assessment Arrangements Update

Staff across our College are continuing to work hard to determine how students’ work will be marked and how course grades will be resulted due to the exceptional circumstances we are all currently experiencing.

Please take the time to read the below update which includes further detail on how results will be decided.

Where necessary, it is important that you continue to engage with your lecturer and in assessment opportunities during this time to ensure that there is enough evidence available for your lecturers to refer to when they decide on a result for you. Your lecturer will advise on this.

Session 2019-20– Exceptional circumstance assessment arrangements for HNC, HND, NC, NPA and NQ Freestanding Units

A model for generating additional assessment evidence has been agreed for HNC, HND, NC, NPA and NQ Freestanding Units. This will be carried out by the team of College staff who are delivering your award (the Course Team). The model ensures that you will be recognised for your hard work and the learning you have achieved, whilst maintaining appropriate standards required by the awarding bodies.

This decision tree provides more information on the process for determining results.

Session 2019-20 – Exceptional circumstance assessment arrangements for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Qualifications

Following the Scottish Government’s announcement that the 2020 exam diet can no longer go ahead due to the COVID-19 emergency, the Scottish education system has been working to ensure that learners hard work is rightly and fairly recognised.

For this session, the College has been asked to submit estimated grades for all candidates undertaking National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher awards. These grades will be based on the knowledge, understanding and skills already demonstrated by students during this academic session. To provide reassurance as to the integrity of these estimates, the SQA will moderate estimates to ensure consistency across colleges/schools and fairness to candidates.

Estimates will be submitted to SQA by the end of May and you should receive your results in the normal manner in August 2020.

Session 2019-20 – Exceptional circumstance assessment arrangements for SVQs and Professional Development Awards

We are still awaiting confirmation from examining bodies about how SVQ and some PDA courses will be resulted; we will share this information as soon as it becomes available. Where subject-specific PDA guidance has been issued, course teams will contact students to advise them regarding the requirement for any additional assessment evidence, as appropriate and on an individual basis. 

We have developed a set of frequently asked questions to answer any queries you have about completing your studies; each section contains information specific to different course levels.