British Science Week

What is science week?

British Science Week runs from 10th – 18th March, where the whole country celebrates everything science, from bunsens to beakers, dinosaurs to DNA, everything science will be explored and discussed. It is a positive promotion of the sciences, science is significantly important to develop curious minds by asking questions which will lead us to describe, define, investigate and ultimately try to understand the world that we live on.

Science within the job sector
Science subjects in today’s job sector are hugely important. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths come under the umbrella of STEM. The skills incorporated in these subjects are widely recognised as being important in innovation and growth in the UK. You will gain important transferable skills gained from STEM subjects such as:

  • Numeracy
  • Communication
  • Data Analysis
  • Strong ICT Skills
  • Independent
  • Group Work
  • Leadership

These skills are widely recognised by employers in the UK who look at these very favourably due to lack of them being present in the current job climate.

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Science Courses at Edinburgh College

At Edinburgh College you can study a wide range of Science subjects at varying knowledge levels across Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Introductory Courses (Level National 4)

You can start with one of two introductory courses: Introduction to Science & Introduction to Health Studies.

National 5 Courses/ Higher & Advanced Higher Courses

From our Introductory Courses, you can then progress through National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher courses. These can then lead you onto our HNC/HND Applied Science course or first year at University. Our National 5 to Advanced Higher courses can also be taken as a Part Time course.

HNC/HND Applied Science

This allows you to continue study at Edinburgh College, investigating all 3 sciences as part of a single course. This can then lead you to jobs in pharmacy, food science and nutrition or help you gain access to the 3rd year of University to complete a Bachelor’s Degree.

SWAP Courses

Individuals who have been out of education for 3 years, we offer a SWAP Access to Life Sciences, which consists of doing a year of Biology, Chemistry & Physics at a National 5 level this then leads you to Higher.