College Engineering team showcases its portfolio to more than 500 local pupils

Edinburgh College’s Engineering team has wowed the minds of more than 500 pupils at a careers event showcasing the many disciplines taught within engineering.

Colleagues from the Automotive, Electrical and Science departments of the college’s Engineering and Built Environment faculty took part in a the day-long event held at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh.

The aim of the Engineering Careers Showcase was to provide pupils with an insight into some of the amazing careers accessible to those who have an inkling of interest in engineering.

College exhibits included: virtual welding; demonstrations of electric vehicle technology; and a design and build exercise based on the Bloodhound Rocket Car Challenge highlighting physics, aerodynamics, design and the mechanisms of speed, among others.

Curriculum manager for Engineering Ross Milligan said: “We were thrilled to be part of this huge Engineering showcase at Dynamic Earth. It was amazing to see so many enthusiastic pupils who wanted to learn more about the subjects and career options within Engineering.

“Our aim as an FE provider is to deliver life-changing education to young people and to provide the Engineering industry with the skilled workforce it requires, now and in the future, and these events are a brilliant way for us to highlight the journey young people can embark on with an engineering career.”