Edinburgh College is a National Numeracy Day Champion

The college is proud to be a National Numeracy Day Champion and we’re supporting the initiative so everyone understands the importance of good numeracy in everyday life.

We know that many people don’t think they’re good at maths or feel daunted by it, but did you realise it’s in so many things you do each day? Numeracy is actually an essential part of everyone’s day-to-day routines. Many of us are loads better at maths than we realise, and it’s possible for everyone to improve their numeracy skills.

You’re probably using numeracy at home for telling the time, shopping, paying bills, working out change for the bus or organising holidays. And if you’re a student, things like measuring materials, checking your class and rehearsal timings, working out file sizes and loads of other parts of college life all need numeracy skills.

Improving your numeracy can help you improve your life skills. It could also help you have the confidence to land your dream job.

To check your own numeracy level and whether you know your ratios from your percentages, take the National Numeracy Challenge. You can compete against fellow students, staff, friends and family. You can do this in your own time, at your own pace.

Take the test, sharpen your skills and remember that we’re all numbers people. Check out our courses to see how you can learn more about maths and how it’s applied across our curriculum.

More on National Numeracy Day is here.