Commission on the College of the Future publishes progress report

The Independent Commission on the College of the Future published a progress report this week detailing the key themes that have been raised and explored in engagement sessions held with stakeholders.

The publication marks the halfway point of the Commission process. It seeks to reflect the discussions had so far about what people need and want from colleges in ten years’ time as it enters the next phase of its work and to look to make recommendations across the four nations.

From demographic change, to technological revolution, from the changing demands of the labour market, to evolving attitudes and expectations of individuals – there are seismic shifts happening across the UK. 

If we are to meet these challenges, then colleges have a critical role to play. That is why the commission is working with partners to answer the question – What does the college of the future look like?

Edinburgh College Principal Audrey Cumberford, a key member of the Commissioner team driving this work, said: “As part of the Commission on the College of the future, we want to open up the conversation to as many people as possible. The Commission has published its first progress report which sets out the reflections from discussions we’ve had so far with stakeholders across the UK’s four nations. We’re committed to understanding what we want and need from colleges in ten years’ time and to shaping the role, scope and influence of our colleges in the future. Please take the time to read the report and provide feedback.”      

Read the progress report here.

The Commission wants to hear your views, submit them via this survey.