Construction team showcases traditional building skills

Apprentices and lecturers from our construction team have been showcasing their traditional building skills to school children and members of the public as part of the Scottish Traditional Building Forum (STBF).

Hosted by Built Environment Forum Scotland (BEFS) and running across 22-23 May at St Andrew Square, the event includes demonstrations by local apprentices and mini-masterclasses by the college team. The traditional building skills demonstration is part of the Scottish Government initiative Developing the Young Workforce to identify potential tradespeople of the next generation. It is hoped that this traditional building skills demonstration will give school children insight into the construction industry and help them make the first step to it being their career of choice.

As well as providing a showcase for school children to learn about traditional building, there will also be experts on hand to help homeowners with repairs and maintaining their traditionally built homes.

Cliff Hague, Chair of the Cockburn Association said: “Traditional buildings are a vital asset here in Edinburgh and across much of Scotland. They give people homes and places to meet or to work, and give places identity. By reusing them we manage scarce resources in a sustainable way. So we need to ensure that a new generation has the know-how and skills to care for these properties. The demonstration in St Andrew Square is a great idea. I hope it inspires people to look to a career in building conservation, and reminds the citizens of why we need to care for our older buildings.” ​