#ECPrizeGiving – Carla Hutchinson

Second year Electrical Installation Apprentice Carla Hutchinson has been named our Building Services, Built Environment and Science Student of the Year at Prize Giving 2020.

Carla’s lecturer Craig Smith explained why Carla was given this award.

“In the opinion of all her lecturers, Carla is well deserving of this award.

As part of her Electrical Installation apprentice, Carla recently completed an Electrical Project which allows our students to understand the design process of an electrical installation from scratch.

The students design and put together final costs for an electrical installation in a distribution warehouse. They need to incorporate the regulations and calculations required for an electrical design and although this type of installation is well outside Carla’s scope of work as an Apprentice Electrician with Castlerock Edinvar, she demonstrated her ability to understand the requirements of different types of installation in the electrical industry.

Carla is always keen to expand her depth of knowledge and will always ask for clarification on a subject she doesn’t quite initially grasp, allowing her to have a more rounded understanding.

The amount of work that she has put into her electrical project is exemplary and always exceeds what is required of her. This work ethic extends to the theory and practical aspects of Electrical Installation as she also excels in Electrical Science and Electrical Testing.

Carla has a bright future ahead of her.”