Edinburgh College students help develop major tourist attraction app

More than 100 students from Edinburgh College teamed up with Global Treasure Apps to review a series of interactive digital app trails for major tourist attractions across Scotland.

The students gathered at the National Museum Scotland recently to test out the app, and follow the treasure trails they created.

Global Treasure Apps connects technology, the classroom, local history, the environment and literature through fun, clue-driven trails created, written and produced by the students.

The app lets students take the helm and teaches them critical thinking, narrative skills and technical skills. It teaches young people about their local environment and also deepens their understanding of the connections between the past and present.

Global Treasure Apps has over 150 treasure trails in 20 different languages with more trails being added all the time, the treasure trails are created for visitors and tourists by local experts, enthusiasts, educationalists and young people. The trails have GPS, interactive location-based clues and can stream audio and video.

The attractions that are featured with Global Treasure Apps include the National Museum Scotland, Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle and The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Regimental Museum.

Edinburgh College Computing curriculum manager Sam Blyth was the brains behind the ground-breaking project, which involved students from the college’s Computing and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) courses.

Sam said: “We were really excited to get the students involved in this project, which not only helps them learn about app development but will also help the Scottish tourism industry as visitors will be able to use these apps when they visit the various tourist attractions. It really was a win-win; the students gain qualifications, Global Treasure Apps gets quality content and the attractions get free treasure trails to engage their visitors and enhance their experience.”

Frances O’Neill from Global Treasure Apps said: “This project has been an over-riding success. We got a great response from the students, who not only learned about app development and local history, but also really enjoyed themselves.”

For further information about Global Trails please visit: www.globaltrailapps.com

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