Students walk a Fine Line in City Art Centre Fashion Show

Students from Edinburgh College will be walking A Fine Line at the City Art Centre this weekend as they showcase their design work in a series of fashion shows.

The UAL Diploma in Fashion and Textiles students have drawn inspiration from the diverse range of styles and media used by four leading Scottish Contemporary artists to construct and create work which will be modelled by  students during the shows.

Students explored the fine line between art and craft, taking on conventional and non-conventional techniques, across a range of media and materials, reflecting the A Fine Line exhibition which is currently on show at the centre.

Since the exhibition opened in November last year, the students have spent time researching their work, sketching in the gallery spaces and immersing themselves in the work of leading Scottish contemporary artists; Lizzie Farey, Angie Lewin, Frances Priest and Bronwen Sleigh.

The results of their efforts will be showcased this weekend in an immersive fashion show from the unique setting of the gallery floor at the City Art Centre. 19 students have created the garments, accessories and headpieces which will be showcased by the student models.

Students from the college’s Make-up Artistry course will be on-hand to tie the final looks together with their skills. The fashion shows will also be filmed and photographed by students from the college’s Broadcast Media and Photography courses.

Student Jane Gray said: “It’s been particularly great to work with an exhibition that’s of four female artists work. My piece is inspired by Francis Priest, I enjoy the symmetry of her work and was drawn to the porcelain inspired by India. I’ve been exploring patchwork and screen printing techniques to create a waistcoat-like garment that reflects this.”

Student Ben Kelly said: “I’ve created two pieces, the first inspired by the industrial feel of Bronwen Sleigh’s work, trying to recreate the way she makes something beautiful out of something gritty. My second garment is inspired by Francis Priest and it’s been great to work with two such contrasting artists and styles and to use that to explore a different side of my own work.”

Edinburgh College lecturer Kim Gunn said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for the students to showcase their work to a wider audience in an impressive setting. They’ve done a great job of taking inspiration from the A Fine Line exhibition and in capturing the artists’ style. The garment and accessory concepts have all been produced to a high standard in a short space of time and the students have risen to the challenge of working as a team and meeting a deadline. I’m really proud and looking forward to seeing the students’ hard work come together for the fashion show.”

Culture and Communities Convener Councillor Donald Wilson said: “It’s fantastic to see these talented young students take inspiration from the contemporary exhibitions on display at our City Art Centre. Their fashion show is the result of a partnership between the gallery and Edinburgh College, and a great example of how our museum staff continually promote learning and engagement with the city’s collections.”

The fashion shows are happening on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 February, 3pm, at the City Art Centre, Edinburgh. Admission is free.

Fine Line Fashion Show forms part of a longstanding partnership between the City Art Centre and Edinburgh College, which has resulted in many successful collaborations in previous years providing students with valuable experience of performing and exhibiting in public.

A Fine Line exhibition is on display at the City Art Centre until 18 February.