ESOL Home Tutoring

What is the ESOL Home Tutor Training Course?

This is a great opportunity to gain some teaching experience providing access to English Language learning for adults (including refugees) across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

The programme consists of three elements:

Introductory Training

Volunteer Tutors must attend a five day introductory course – over a period of six weeks – before meeting a student. The introductory training will develop your language awareness, basic teaching techniques, advice on lesson planning and inform volunteers about the philosophy, administration and support networks of the programme. The tutor training course is delivered using group work discussions, videos and demonstrations from other course tutors and includes an informal group practice assessment.

On-going Training

You will have an individual support worker who is an experienced ESOL teacher, who will offer guidance and advice when you need it. You will also receive a newsletter, regular phone calls, attend meetings and training sessions during your time on the programme. Books and teaching materials are available.


You will meet the student at a mutually convenient time and place, usually weekday daytime in the student’s home, though tuition may also take place in the evening. The teaching opportunities will be 4-5 hours per week for nine months including travel, preparation and tutoring. Tuition is offered to students for nine months at first. However, tutors may work longer than this, perhaps with another student. Many tutors work for several years on the ESOL Home Learning Programme. Tuition is geared to the individual student and their abilities. It could involve spoken and/or written English at a variety of levels depending on the situations specific to the student, e.g. communicating with health and educational services. Students come from a range of countries including Sudan, Syria, Pakistan and Turkey.

Please note that during COVID-19, lessons have been taking place online, using Zoom and WhatsApp. We are hoping to resume face to face lessons in the autumn, but this remains uncertain at the moment. Support workers can help with online materials and approaches.

What qualifications do I need?

No formal qualifications or experience are necessary. However, you should have good communication skills with patience, flexibility and an interest in people and the process of language learning.

Why choose ESOL Home Tutor Training?

Home tutoring students gives you a great chance to develop a strong working relationship, more involvement and understanding of the needs and desires of someone interested in learning English. This course will provide first-hand experience in teaching and will help you develop your basic teaching techniques and lesson planning experience. This course gives you the independence to help develop your teaching creativity and the flexibility to fit around your schedule.

Information Sessions

Anyone interested can attend an information session. If you wish to take part on our training course then you must also attend a selection session. Following the selection session, successful applicants will attend a training course.

The dates for the next information and selection sessions are:

Information session 1 – Thursday 26th August 2021, 9.15-11.15am

Information session 2 – Thursday 2nd September 2021, 9.15-11.15am

Selection session – Thursday 2nd September, 12.15-2.15pm

It is only necessary to attend one information session, then if you are interested in continuing you must attend the selection session.  The sessions last for the full two hours and are not drop in.

Course Dates

If you are selected to do the training you should ensure that you can attend all of the dates below. It is necessary to attend both morning and afternoon sessions on these dates.

Sessions 1 and 2, Thursday 9th September, 9.15-11.15am, 12.15-2.15pm

Sessions 3 and 4, Thursday 16th September, 9.15-11.15am, 12.15-2.15pm

Sessions 5 and 6, Thursday 23rd September, 9.15-11.15am, 12.15-2.15pm

Sessions 7 and 8, Thursday 30th September, 9.15-11.15am, 12.15-2.15pm

Session 9, Thursday 11th November, 9.15-11.15am

The course includes 5 hours of flexible learning.

Assignments will be given to prepare for the following week’s discussions.

Due to COVID-19 it is most likely that the information sessions, selection session and training course will be held online via Zoom.

Contact us

To find out more about becoming a volunteer please contact us:


phone:  0131 297 9657

If you have any TEFL or CELTA experience and would be interested in volunteering in one of our classes instead of teaching one-to-one then please contact our administration assistant Agnieszka Waszak.