Faces of Glow – Connor Clarke

Twenty-one-year-old Acting and Performance student Connor Clarke will be performing alongside his classmates in the production of Beautiful Burnout by Bryony Lavery, about the soul-sapping three minutes when men become gods and gods, mere men. It’s about the second when the guard drops, that moment when the eyes blink and miss the incoming hammer blow.

“The play revolves around the world of boxing and the social and political issues that surround the sport. I play Dougie, one of the older boxers. Preparations are going well. The support and positive energy that the whole production team gives from the actors, to the director and more importantly the technical team who have made arrangements and gone above and beyond, makes this play the most beautiful piece of art that I have had the honour to work on.

“Being involved in this production has given us an opportunity to not only develop our acting skills but to also develop our skills in observation and listening that come from a more directorial view. Our director/lecturer has helped immensely to nurture and develop our knowledge and understanding.

“I’ve been attending Edinburgh College for two years now. I started by doing NC Acting and Performance and I’ve never regretted a moment or my decision. It has helped me become more confident and comfortable with myself and taught me to express myself to my fullest potential. Though I have my peers to thank immensely for their support, I have to give more praise to my tutors who have been such an important part of my educational development and have been there to support me both educationally and, when having personal life issues, they have been there to listen and helped me find a resolution.

“During my time at College I have learnt a lot about what skills and tools I need as an actor in order perform effectively but also to create pieces or develop my own interpretation of a piece of theatre. I have started to say that acting is very much like learning psychology, in that it’s all about identifying and realising how a person feels and how they have come to be the way they are.

“Working on this production has inspired me even more to keep pushing myself and always chase after my desire to perform.”

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