Faces of Glow – Marcello Di Candia

Twenty-six-year-old NC Theatre Design student Marcello Di Candia can’t wait to see his designs come to life inside the historic Riddle’s Court on Wednesday 29 May as part of A Portal to the Past. Marcello and classmate Irene Navarro were asked to design a number of costumes that would be worn by performers at the event.

“Irene and I were extremally proud to be asked to design costumes for the Portal to the Past event. The event is based around a banquet held at Riddles court for King James VI in 1958 and we’ve taken inspiration from this period when coming up with our designs, as well as incorporating some modern elements. Preparations have been fantastic. We’ve completed all of our designs and recently presented our proposals. I can’t wait to see them come to life.

“I’m originally from Italy and moved over to Scotland a few years ago to do the final year of my Master’s Degree in Fashion Marketing. Afterwards I felt I wanted to do something a bit more practical, so decided to come to College to do Theatre Design.

“I would encourage anyone to come and study at Edinburgh College, I’ve enjoyed my time here and I love how the course I’m doing is really hands-on and practical. There’s been a few challenges but with the support of my lecturers and classmate Irene I have managed to overcome them. Irene and I can relate to each other as we’re both students from EU countries living and studying in Scotland and without her I don’t think I would’ve done as well.

“The best thing about being involved in this event is having the opportunity to work on a live brief and I’m really excited to be able to show off our designs in such a historical setting. Irene and I have been working on this project together for the last few months and it’s really inspiring to think that all that hard work will be on show for all to see.”

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