Female students visit EDF Torness Power Station

Twenty female College students from nine different Science and Engineering classes visited EDF Torness Power Station earlier this week to take part in a Women in Engineering careers event.

This inaugural event was created by the College’s Engineering team and EDF to give female students the opportunity to meet positive role models from industry and experience the working environment at a large nuclear site such as Torness.

The ‘all-access’ tour involved students donning hardhats and overalls to visit areas of the power station not normally seen by visitors. The tour included visiting workshops and the pumping station, as well as feeling the heat and vibration from the turbine and standing on the nuclear reactor where around 680 MW of electrical energy was being generated.

The students were then given a presentation about the Engineering Maintenance apprenticeship run by EDF and advice on how to apply.

Research shows that more than 500,000 job openings in science, research, engineering and technology will need to be filled over the next six years, to replace retiring workers. The visit to Torness allowed the College’s female students to see how they can play a key role in an ever-evolving industry when they complete their courses.

Curriculum leader for Electrical Engineering, Control and Instrumentation Lynsey Kemp said: “It was great to see so many female students from both Science and Engineering come together for this visit. The event gave us the unique opportunity to meet with female engineers and experience the normally closed areas of the site they work in daily. We also were able to hear from ex apprentices who have successfully completed their qualification to gain insight into the opportunities available with EDF”.

Station director Robert Gunn, said: “I’m delighted we’ve been able to welcome Edinburgh College to Torness. We’re currently accepting applications for our Engineering Maintenance apprentice programme so it’s important we take any chance to help young women see what careers are available and how they could benefit from them.

“Everyone who came along seemed to have a great time and hopefully we’ve given them something to think about when it comes to making career choices in the future.”