Gavin tells us why he chose a career in childcare

After studying Music at university, Childhood Practice PDA SCQF Level 9 student Gavin explored a range of different careers before finding his calling in childcare and early learning. He told us why a career in childcare is so rewarding:

“I work as a centre manager at Midlothian Sure Start, a voluntary organisation with charitable status, which aims to give young children from pre-birth to 11 years the best possible start in life. I’m studying Childhood Practice PDA Level 9 as part of my professional development and I’m learning skills which will enable me to help shape children’s futures.

“Working with children can be the most rewarding job in the world. No two days are the same and no two children are the same. Each day you’re helping to develop their young minds and are making an important and lasting difference to their future – childcare is so much more than just playing with play dough and finger painting!

“After finishing my Music degree I tried a number of jobs in different industries but found my passion for childcare and early learning while working in a crèche. Having an opportunity to develop and guide children at a time when their brains are developing faster than they ever will again is a huge and rewarding responsibility; it’s all about connecting with the children and encouraging them to flourish.

“My role as a manager means I am responsible for the development, management and quality of the childcare we provide. The course spans all aspects of early learning and childcare and gives me a chance to study while working, and to learn from peers who work in the industry as well as the knowledgeable and experienced lecturers.

“It is the type of job you don’t mind getting out of bed in a morning for – in fact I look forward to getting out of bed and to seeing what the day will bring.”