Hard work pays off for Prize-Winning David

Twenty-year-old David Anderson decided to come to Edinburgh College to study NC Accounting having spent 18 months working as a duty manager where his interest in business started.

Lanark-born David is this year’s Accountancy Student of the Year and now he’s looking forward progressing on to the HND Accounting course in term 2020/21.

David has summed up his College experience below.

“Being recognised as a prize winner came as quite a surprise to me. I always struggled with my academics in school, but I’ve found something that I find genuinely interesting and the work seems to be paying off.

Before starting at College, I was working as a duty manager in a bar which was my focus for about 18 months. Through that job I became more interested in the business side of the work and decided to apply for College to pursue that interest.

Leaving my job to become a full-time student was difficult, I was leaving a job that I loved to pursue something I didn’t know anything about but it has worked out. The facilities that are available for us to use and meeting new people are the two best things.

I’m proud that I have been passing all my assessments after putting in lots of work for them. As I said before, throughout school I struggled with applying myself to subjects so this has been rewarding.

Looking to the future, my goal is to start on the HND Accounting course this year and then go to university to finish a degree. From there I would love to try a Masters, however, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. After my education has come to an end, I would love to gain some experience in the industry then start up a business of my own.” When we asked David to describe his Edinburgh College experience to date in three words, he said: “Rewarding, sociable, independence.”