How to make time for learning

Edinburgh College student studying in the Sighthill library.

Modern life can be very busy with multiple commitments, making it difficult to find time to concentrate on your own development. college has a range of options that fit around your busy schedule. It is important to try and improve yourself as it helps plan the future and can put you into a job you enjoy. Before committing yourself to anything you must prepare yourself to studying.

How to prepare to study

  • Preparing a study space at home – find a spot that is comfortable and that has no distractions.  
  • Setting a study schedule – find down times throughout your schedule which you could realistically do some studying.  
  • Being organised – find a place where you can store your study notes and materials. 
  • Thinking about how you learn – reflect on how you have engaged with learning something new before now. Maybe if you learn best via audio, recording your own audio notes and then relistening to them will help you succeed. 

Career Coach

Once you have got this sorted you can look into what you want to study, does it come through an interest, hobby or something you enjoyed at school. If you are unsure you can visit our Career Coach page. This allows you to take a short quiz called a career assessment and suggests certain subjects and industries that may suit you.

Find out more about Career Coach here. 

Edinburgh College student studying in the Sighthill library.

College Courses

Now that you have settled on a subject you find interesting it’s time to understand how you will study. At Edinburgh College we have a range of ways most courses are delivered. 

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Part-time courses   

Time commitment may be a fear when applying for college but our part-time courses are designed to help you coordinate time for learning. These courses only demand an attendance 1-2 days a week with additional independent learning that can be done at home. This gives you time to commit to learning and managing this around your commitments. 

View our all our part-time courses here.

Evening courses  

If you are usually busy throughout the day, evening courses can fit your studying in. These courses are usually demand a commitment of around 1-2 evenings a week with additional independent learning that can be done at home.  

View our all our evening courses here.

Open learning courses  

These courses are the most flexible we offer, meaning that learning is done on your terms. Open learning provides the materials readily available for you to pick up and learn when you can. Some of our open learning courses include livestreamed lecturers that can be accessed as a saved file at a later date. 

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