Registration Events – Induction Checklist

It’s not long until you start your course, so here are our 6 tips to make sure you are all prepared before your first day. We’ve organised them so you can tick each one off and have a clear conscience to know that you are all prepared for your new College journey!

  1. Make sure you pay your course fees

NC or similar courses – A lot of College courses are eligible for free tuition so the College will pay your fees automatically.

If you are on an HNC, HND or BA course you will need to apply to SAAS (Students Awards Agency for Scotland) for your tuition fees. If you haven’t done this already, go and see our student funding team as soon as possible. If you don’t apply to SAAS then you may be asked to pay your full tuition fees for your course.

Some part-time and evening courses may have additional course fees, this will be made clear on our website. All course fees are payable in advance before your course starts (some with payment plan options) unless you have applied for SAAS or been granted funding by another source (e.g. paid by your employer).

If you are still looking to pay your fees please contact:

2. Organise your funding

There are a lot of costs that come with being a College student including travel, accommodation, food, clothes and the occasional night out! Some students may be entitled to a bursary, childcare funding or EMA (educational maintenance allowance) to pay for living costs. These are assessed based on your personal circumstances such as your wages, your parent’s/carers salary, and the number of dependants you have.

If you are still looking to apply for funding please contact:

3. Tell us about your additional support needs

If you have a disability or additional support need, like dyslexia, an autism spectrum condition, or mental ill-health, you are care experienced or you have had previous support for learning for any other reason, go and see our Learning Support team. Read our blog post Reasons to Disclose your Additional Support Needs.

If you are still looking to organise learning support please contact:

4. Let us know if you don’t receive your timetable

You will receive your start date and timetable by email prior to your course. Timetables may be subject to change, so keep an eye on your emails for any updates to your timetable, start date or classrooms. If you haven’t received your course timetable or start date you can talk the team at your welcome event. You can also contact:

5. Be ready for your first day

Your first day can be exciting and nerve wracking, but the best thing to do is prepare yourself. When you arrive, go to the campus reception and you will be directed to your classroom.  The great thing about College is that it isn’t school, so there’s no uniform to wear! This isn’t a job interview either so don’t worry about getting a fancy shirt.

For more advice,  read our blog post Starting College – get ready for your first day.

6. Find out where to go for support

Most full-time students have a Learning Development Tutor or LDT who will act as your main point of contact. Your LDT will support you and give regular advice and guidance sessions including study and employability skills and CV writing. They can also help with your plans for the future, giving your support with looking for work, progressing further in College or going onto university.

We hope you have a fantastic time with us, meet new friends, make new memories and learn brand new skills for your future.