Introductory courses – the first step to studying

What are introductory courses?

Our introductory courses are a great way to begin your studies. These courses are very general, meaning you can progress to a more specialised subject after once you’ve decided if it’s right for you. For example, our Introduction to Engineering course allows you to study mechanical or electrical engineering on completion. Read about the course here.

Why should I study an introduction course?

You can try something new – Most courses typically run for 18 weeks. You can find out if the industry suits you before committing to a longer course.

Open to everyone – There are minimal entry requirements for these courses, so they are open to everyone.

Ease you into College life – These courses are a great opportunity to get used to studying and writing. You can work on your skills in presenting, teamwork, writing coursework and preparing for exams.

Meet new people – You will meet likeminded people and make new friends.

Build employability skills – You will not only gain knowledge to progress at College, you will also develop practical skills. These will help you build your employability skills by practising workplace duties.

What types of introductory courses do you offer?

What do gain from studying an introductory course?

Introductory courses come in a range of different qualifications which fit within the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) levels, typically our introductory courses begin at levels 3 to 5. The qualifications can be as follows:

  • National Progression Award (NPA)
  • National 4
  • National 5
  • NC (National Certificate)

As well as your subject specific skills such as counselling or engineering, our introductory courses offer a range of core skills which are built into your studies. These core skills consist of communication, numeracy and information technology (IT).

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