Jobs with the best satisfaction

With work satisfaction and culture becoming more important to employees than salary, we’ve looked into what jobs have been rated the best for employee satisfaction. Glassdoor have curated a list of the 25 best jobs in the UK in 2020. This is based on median base salary, job opportunities and job satisfaction. In this blog, we look at some of the jobs with best satisfaction and college courses that can help you get there.

Data Scientist

A data scientist extracts, analyses and interprets data to help businesses solve problems. Data can come from a range of sources such as artificial intelligence and data mining.

Data scientists need to be analytical, logical thinkers, good communicators and competent at maths. With the ability to turn raw data into meaningful information for a wide range of people, you can see why working in data science is satisfying.

What course can I do?

Our HNC Computer Science course is a stepping stone towards a career in a specialist computing science subject like data science.

HR Manager

HR Managers are responsible for employing new staff, overseeing the monitoring of employee performance, determining staffing needs and developing policies. To work in HR, you need to be self-motivated, personable and enjoy working with others. While those working in HR may have to deal with difficult situations, it’s easy to see how it is a satisfying profession. You will have the opportunity to support and watch others grow personally and professionally.

What course can I do?

Our Human Resource Management HND, is the perfect course to develop the skills and knowledge you will need in order to carry out managerial tasks effectively within a variety of organisations. 

We also offer two professional qualifications in HR, the CIPD Foundation Certificate in Human Resource Practice and the CIPD Intermediate Diploma in Human Resource Management.

Product Designer

A product designer can create everything from mobile phones to equipment and machinery. They prepare sketches, designs, patterns or prototypes for clients, making any necessary alterations where required. Product designers need a high degree of technical knowledge, be able to think creatively and have a passion for design. Seeing your designs come to life must be hugely satisfying, so it’s no surprise that jobs in product design feature on this list.

What course can I do?

HND 3D Design is a step towards a fulfilling, creative and successful career in interior, product or exhibition design.

Customer Sucess Manager

Customer Success or Service Managers plan, organise and co-ordinate the resources needed for receiving and dealing with the responses and complaints from customers. You can work across a range of sectors and you could work in a range of settings like in a shop, office, call centre or train station. Customer Service Managers need to be great communicators, polite, be able to work well under pressure and solve problems. Working in this type of role will come with its challenges, but helping people and solving problems is very satisfying.

What course can I do?

In our Retail HNC you will learn about the customer experience in a retail context, and in our Business and Marketing Level 5 course you will learn the skills for customer care.

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