Khadijah – EC Student Stories

College has been the icing on the cake for Khadijah

NC Bakery student Khadijah Khurram tells us about her College experience, explaining how coming to College allowed her to do something for herself.

“Coming to Edinburgh College has been brilliant. I am passionate about cooking and especially baking – I always have been, so I decided I wanted to come to College and perfect the skills I had in doing something I really enjoy. My dream is to open my own bakery and work around my family commitments.

Outside of college, I’m a mum-of-three, work as a carer within my local community, and coordinate support and care for another family member. These roles are the most important in my life, but that never discouraged me from coming to College to do something I love.

Starting at NPA level in 2017, I’ve now progressed to NC Bakery and I’m seeing the rewards of my work. The support we get from lecturers to be creative and to keep us striving to achieve the perfect finish on what myself and my classmates are baking is amazing.

I’ve had the opportunity to showcase my skills in national competitions including ScotHot in 2019, where I came third in a cupcake-making competition, and in the British Sugarcraft Guild competition where I finished in second place.

College has been an amazing experience, and when I go home with the treats I’ve made in classes, my children get very excited. We now often spend time baking as a family as a result – which is great as there is no better feeling than seeing people happy with the food you produce – we eat with our eyes first, after all.”