Meet our Apprentices – Jordan Charters

Jordan Charters – 20, West Linton

What apprenticeship programme are you on at the college?
“Painting and Decorating modern apprenticeship, 3rd-year Advanced Craft.”

Who is your employer? What do you day to day with them?
“My dad, George Charters. His work varies from things such as basic painting and decorating to wallpapering or even airless spraying.”

Why did you choose the apprenticeship?
“It was always an option for me after finishing school as my dad had his own business and it was a chance to see if I’d like to take it over one day.”

What would you say about the experience so far? What’s been the highlight?
“The experience has been fantastic. I’ve met more people than I ever imagined and gained life experience good and bad. Good being I’m more confident with strangers and learned to stand on my own two feet. Bad experiences being breaking valuable objects by accident or even sleeping in and seeing the consequences.

“The highlight for me has to be coming third at the UK Skills Show and being selected for squad GB to potentially compete at World Skills in Abu Dhabi in 2017. It was so hard but so rewarding.”

What have you achieved on the course?
“I’ve won Apprentice of the Year at the college two times in a row, was winner of the Scottish Skill Build competition and placed Bronze at the Skill Build 2015 final – The Skills Show.

“I’ve also been selected for the World Skills Great Britain team, which I’m training up for at the moment with my mentor. This a big deal for me and my main focus at the moment.”

What are your ambitions for the future?
“My main focus is on getting the World Skills spot. There’re only three of us in training for it but just one of us can go, and I’m determined to make it.

“Other than that I’m trying to keep my head in the present and worry about future plans closer to the end of my apprenticeship.”

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about doing an apprenticeship?
“Grab it with both hands. The college is in a different league of standard of facilities and this is one of the best trades to have behind you. My dad told me before I started my apprenticeship that if you’re good at something you can make money from it, and he has never been more right. If you’re passionate about the subject and you genuinely want to be successful, a modern apprenticeship is definitely a smart move.

“I’ve never been a sit-down-and-revise kind of guy and I’ve always been really driven. I left school with five Highers but university was never a consideration. I wanted to go straight into the world of employment and give myself a good kick start. This is the stepping stone to big things.”