Meet our Apprentices – Stacey Bridges

Stacey Bridges – 22, West Lothian

What apprenticeship programme are you on at the college?
“I started out on the joinery and carpentry pre-apprenticeship and now I’ve progressed onto the modern apprenticeship.”

Who is your employer? What do you day to day with them?
“I was half way through the pre-apprenticeship when I got a job at the City of Edinburgh Council. Day to day I make repairs in empty houses such as doors, floors and kitchens, and I replace and repair items. I love getting a new project to get stuck into.”

Why did you choose the apprenticeship?
“I knew from early on that I didn’t want to be stuck in an office – I wanted to do something totally different and hands on. It’s been a great decision and I haven’t looked back.”

What would you say about the experience so far? What’s been the highlight?
“I am usually a shy person but doing my apprenticeship has helped me come out my shell and express myself better. It’s made me do things that are totally out of my comfort zone which has helped me overcome any challenge that come my way.”

What have you achieved on the course?
“I am very chuffed that I have achieved so much since joining the apprenticeship – I won best third-year apprentice at the college which was a great start, then was awarded Council Apprentice of the Year as well as winning Apprentice of the Year with the Chartered Institute of Housing. I have another award on the cards in June.”

What are your ambitions for the future?
“Keep working, keep learning and remain in a job where every day’s a new experience.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about doing an apprenticeship?
“Go for it. You can only learn. The thing about a trade is that you can take it anywhere in the world. Everybody needs a joiner, a plumber or an electrician, right? I’ll never regret taking the plunge and being brave enough to give it a go and see where it takes me.”