Legacy of Principal supports Edinburgh College students in financial need

The Edinburgh College Development Trust has launched a new fund to support students in financial need, backed by the family of the first Principal of Telford College.

The McLeod Memorial Fund has been set up in memory of Robert McLeod, who was the Principal at the launch of Telford in the 1960s. It will support students in financial need who live in the communities formerly served by Telford College around our Granton Campus or who study at Granton (A list of eligible postcodes are on the application form).

The fund will support students who need financial assistance in these categories:

  • Single parents – financial support to help ease the transition to college
  • Students coming off housing benefit to come to Edinburgh College, to ease the transition to college
  • Students in financial need who do not qualify for the Discretionary Fund

It can be used for unexpected bills or repairs, shortfall due to loss of earnings, and course materials.

Robert McLeod OBE was Principal of Telford from 1966-1977 (he officially began two years before the Telford building opened in 1968) and is renowned as a visionary figure in Scottish education. The McLeod Memorial Fund was set up by his children to support his vision and legacy of providing all people with an equal opportunity to learn.

Robert’s daughter Margaret Tait said: “My father was a strong supporter of students and passionate about making sure everyone had the opportunity to succeed in their studies, regardless of their background. Back in the 1960s, when he set up Telford College, some students had financial challenges and the college served some of the more deprived areas of Edinburgh. He was always vigilant to try to provide the right support to every student and nothing gave him more pleasure than seeing a student from a poor background succeed.

“My brother and I were pleased to donate funds from our father’s estate to set up the McLeod Memorial Fund and we are sure he would have wanted to help students in financial difficulties today.”

Students can learn more about the fund and apply by completing the application form, which they can get from Student Services.

Check the Edinburgh College Development Trust web pages for more on how it supports students.