Get involved with our new Website

Win an iPad CompetitionIn 2018 we will be gathering information to revamp our website and your online experience.

We are looking to improve many aspects of the website like navigation, content, and functions to enhance the way you can search for courses and college information.

To build the perfect website for students and our communities, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We would like your input to help us organise our content and make sure you can navigate our site effortlessly while wowing you with some fantastic new designs.

During the year there will be tasks for you to get involved with at various stages of the process, and we will publish results once they have been completed.

Below are the various tasks that you can currently complete and give feedback on.

Win an iPad Competition

The competition can be entered by completing the various surveys and tasks below and entering your email address and name at the end when prompted.

Competition Terms and Conditions

Phase 1 – Research and understanding your needs

First Impressions Survey

First impressions mean everything. We want to find out what you think of our current website, this quick and easy n survey will take you around 5 minutes to complete and give us some basic information on our current site’s design,  navigation, content, technical issues and give you the chance to tell us what you love and hate, and what we’re missing.


Do you play Cards? Card Sorting Exercise

This exercise uses a technique called card sorting. We need you to group together page descriptions from our website that make sense to you. Then you can name these groups with a heading that you feel accurately describes the content.


  1. Drag cards out of the left “Card List” column to the centre of the page to create a new group
  2. After you have created a group you can rename it by clicking on “Enter Group Name”
  3. Drag more cards out from the left “Card List” column and make new groups or add them to groups you have already created
  4. Once you have categorized all items, use the “I’m Done” button at the top of the page to submit your card sorting exercise.

Be sure to categorize all the items, but take as much or as little time as you need. 

Hints and Tips

  • If you need more information about each card, you can hover over the ⓘ icon
  • You can remove cards from a group by dragging them back out and into the Card List
  • You can delete a group you have created by clicking on the trash icon in top right of the group, all cards must have been removed beforehand
  • You can leave further comments about the group by clicking the speech bubble icon top right of the group


“What makes you apply?” Survey

What makes you want to apply for a course? Is it the pretty pictures? Do you have to know the entry requirements? Do you want to hear more from past students?

This survey will take you around 4 minutes to complete and tell us the vital information you need to make the right choice when applying for a college course.