Art student Patryk shares college experience so far

Patryk Hastie, originally from Poland but now living in Edinburgh, studied our UAL Art & Design Fashion and Textiles Level 2 Diploma and is hoping to move on to HND Textiles. We caught up with Patryk to find out more about learning during the Covid-19 pandemic and what they’re planning next.

What were you doing before coming to college? 

Before coming to college I was working in retail part-time.

What made you want to study at the School of Art and Design at Edinburgh College?

To be completely honest my life at that time felt stagnant and needed a shakeup. I have always had a passion for Art and Design, all the way through my years in high school and I even started a Portfolio Development course in Livingston, but my mind was not in the right space at that time. I ended up dropping out only after a few months into the course. After seeing the wide range of courses that Edinburgh College had to offer within the art world, I knew it was the right choice to make. Also moving out for the first time and getting to experience more of the city, although Covid-19 did not make that easy…

Art work by Patryk Hastie

How has your experience of studying at the School of Art and Design been?

Obviously with everything that’s happened this year the learning experience has been drastically different than what it would usually be like. Unfortunately, we only managed to be on campus four times this whole year and I feel like as a class we missed out on the classroom atmosphere, bouncing ideas off each other while creating art. At the same time, I can say that the lectures did an outstanding job of keeping everyone motivated, engaged and excited to learn, which is not easily done through a computer screen.

What is it like learning online during the COVID-19 pandemic?

It has been a very unique experience. Challenging at times, trying to stay focused while being in the comfort of your own home. The nonstop screen time is a negative, especially with how much time people spend on their phones. I do believe that going through tough experiences is beneficial for the mind and overall life experience. Learning online through the pandemic has developed my problem-solving skills and ability to work independently.

Has learning online provided any opportunities for you which studying face-to-face wouldn’t?  

I guess I could say it allowed me to be more open and share my thoughts more freely without sometimes having the nerves or pressure of being face to face or in a group of people.

Which platforms have you been using for online learning and how are you finding using them?

We have been using a lot of Microsoft Teams and Moodle for our online learning. It has been a mixed experience dependent on age. Everything has a learning curve to it but after the first week, I was perfectly fine with navigating through the platforms.

Art work by Patryk Hastie

Have you had to overcome any challenges during your studies, and if so, how did you do this?

There were a few times towards the end of the year when I was working on my final personal project. I felt a little overwhelmed and found myself trying to focus on everything at once. Reaching out to my lectures and being able to have a 1-1 was very helpful. I was able to get back on track and finish strong.

What are your plans for the future? What course are you studying next and what is your end goal?

Next year I am hoping to go forward and study HND Textiles at Edinburgh College, expand my skills and just enjoying my time learning. I am very much looking forward to all opportunities that come my way in the future.

If you could describe your college experience so far in three words, what would they be?

Unexpected, unique, Covid-19.

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