Professional Cookery students’ trip to Milan

Professional Cookery students are heading to Milan for a two-day trip taking in a new culinary learning experience, to improve their skills and expand their knowledge.

On 7 and 8 June the Level 3 students attend the Food Genius Academy in Milan to learn more about Italian cuisine and how to cook it. The main aim for the students is to hone their practical skills with guidance from the academy lecturers, spending time preparing dishes such as fresh pasta and traditional Italian meat courses.

The students will get the chance to take part in two master classes where they will learn how to cook Italian dishes. The group will also spend time with students at the academy, sharing best practice and networking. They will also have free time for sightseeing and exploring Milan.

This trip was arranged by the students, who spent time doing various fundraising activities including selling products homemade at the Apprentice Restaurant and staff car washes, among other activities.

The trip has also been supported by the Edinburgh College Development Trust, the independent charity that supports students at the college, through its Student Group Grants fund. The Development Trust donated £5,000 to fund the trip.

Professional Cookery lecturer, Jack Evans said: “All-in-all it’s a great chance for everyone who is taking part at this trip. The exchange between the students and the lecturers is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about cooking, but also about the different culture. The students also gained more skills about financial budgeting and event planning as they organised the trip themselves.”

Jack is planning to add similar projects into the Cookery curriculum as it’s a valuable exercise in wellbeing, equality and inclusion.

Dr Allan Colquhoun, chair of the Edinburgh College Development Trust said: “The Development Trust is keen to support projects which provide additional opportunities for students to develop employability and life skills and this project really ticked the boxes for both. We are delighted to support the students”.