Top 5 Reasons to Study at Edinburgh College’s Summer School

If you want to travel and experience something new, consider coming to Edinburgh in the Summer months for international study at Edinburgh College. Here are our top five reasons for coming to the college, and for visiting Scotland.

Make friends from all around the world

When studying abroad it’s important to have people to share your experiences with. Our International Summer School gives you the chance to meet people from all over the world. Last year our students came from more than 20 different countries. As part of our Summer School you’ll make new friends and connections and get to share your Edinburgh experience with others who are also here to learn English and to explore Scotland.

Experience Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the UK’s second most visited city (after London) and welcomes thousands of international visitors every year. They come here to explore Edinburgh’s fascinating history, to attend one of the many cultural events happening in the city or to use it as a base to travel further into the remote Scottish Highlands.

The summer is a great time to visit Edinburgh, with so many events and activities going on. If you come to Summer School in August you’ll get to experience the Edinburgh Festival, the world’s largest arts based festival. This takes place every year and attracts millions of visitors to the city.

Visit Scotland while you study

As part of our Summer School you’ll get a chance not just to experience Edinburgh but to explore Scotland. Our Social Programme includes one trip per week outside the city to places of natural beauty or special historical interest, such as Loch Katrine, St. Andrews, the Kelpies or Tantallon Castle. Joining our Social Programme means that you get the chance to make the most of your time outside the classroom and see some of the sights for which Scotland is famous.

Live with a local

When learning a language abroad there’s nothing better than immersion. Living with one of our local homestay hosts gives you the chance to practice your English outside the classroom, and also the chance to experience the life of a typical Scottish family. All of our hosts love welcoming international students to Edinburgh and helping them make the most of their time here.

Improve your English

After all, this is the main objective of Summer School. We offer a General English Programme of 20 hours per week and a General English with IELTS Preparation of 25 hours per week and have classes at all levels from elementary right through to advanced.  All classes are a maximum of 15 students and are taught by qualified, experienced and enthusiastic teachers, giving you the perfect platform to develop your English.

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