Quiz: Are you suitable for a career in Social Services?

A career in Social Services can be very rewarding. It is a career where you can really make a difference to people’s lives. Most people will come into contact with social services in their life, whether it is a family member who is being cared for or yourself who has used a service. It’s no wonder there are 20,000 people employed in the sector in Scotland today.

If you’re considering getting started in a career in Social Services, find out if it’s for you with our handy quiz. Don’t worry if it’s not, there will be lots of careers that are perfect for you. After this, try our Career Coach quiz to find some suitable options.


So if you are suitable, let’s get your application started. Courses start this August 2018, from Introduction to HNC level.

Have a look at Career Coach for more ideas.

Read more about the sector on the SSSC website.