Third-generation bridge worker Keir keeps it in the family to help open new Queensferry Crossing


As members of the public take their historic first commute over the new Queensferry Crossing this morning, we caught up with former Edinburgh College civil engineering modern apprentice Keir Stanton, who worked on the construction of the new bridge.

Keir started working on the development of the Queensferry Crossing in August 2014, becoming the third generation of his family to work on one of the Forth Bridges. Keir’s grandfather worked on the Forth Road Bridge and his great grandfather worked on the Forth Bridge.

Keir told us all about working on the project and spoke of his pride at having been a part of it.

He said: “Working on the bridge is a huge achievement and, now that it is finished, you can see the scale and the excitement in the media that it is opening, I realise how big a deal this bridge is. It has really helped me in my career, exposing me to so many engineers and so much knowledge that I will use throughout my career. I have been able to leave the bridge to continue my work and study elsewhere, with an engineer that I worked with on the bridge.

“I feel proud to have been part of a great project with amazing people and to have attained knowledge, experiences and stories that will stay with me for a very long time. Driving over the bridge will be exciting, getting to see how everything has come together. But it is extra special when you know, first hand, just how much hard work has gone into the construction.”