Top 10 reasons to move away from home for college

1. You’re able to do what you like, when you like

No more parents nagging you to do the dishes right away – you can do them later! (Just don’t leave them too long, you don’t want to create a bad rep for yourself…)

2. You get to have your own space

If you were subject to younger siblings running in and out of your room, you’ll feel safe knowing that your space is yours. Enjoy it.

3. You make new friends

When you move to halls, everyone is in the same boat. You are all new to the college, and some may be new to the city.

4. You become a chef

Okay, you probably won’t. But being forced to cook all your own meals means you will probably learn a thing or two!

5. You can roll out of bed in the morning

No early morning commute for you! Halls are only a few minutes’ walk from the campus you’re based at.

6. No need to worry about catching the last bus home

You can party all night.*

*Except for when you have a class the next morning. Right guys?

7. Make friends with students on other courses

What other way can you befriend a budding designer when you’re working away in construction?

8. Spontaneous meet-up? You’re already there.

You live with your friends. Never will you miss out on anything ever again!

9. Experience living in a capital city

Edinburgh has so many amazing pubs, clubs and restaurants with great public transport. You’re only a bus ride away!

10. You have more responsibilities

Okay this might not seem like it should be in the pros column, but you get to mature faster and become less dependent on your parents – it’s a good thing all round!

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