What is blended learning?

You might have heard the term ‘blended learning’ a lot recently, but what does it mean? 

Image of laptop with quote that reads "Blended learning is a way of teaching that combines online learning, on-campus learning and off-campus learning."

Blended learning is a way of teaching that combines online learning, on-campus learning and off-campus learning. Online learning (or virtual learning) might involve tasks completed online in your own time or scheduled classes with your teachers and classmates. On-campus learning might be in workshops, classrooms or specialist studios, depending on your course. Off-campus learning applies to anyone who might be studying outdoor activities such as childcare or sport, or for anyone doing work placements elsewhere.

Edinburgh College is preparing to welcome students from September 2020 onwards using a blended learning approach. With the impacts of COVID-19 ongoing, the majority of our courses will be delivered online only for the beginning of term and only a small number of classes for specific courses will take place in college where it is necessary and safe to do so. The exact details for your course will be confirmed soon. If you are attending classes physically at the College, social distancing and increased hygiene measures will be in place to keep you safe.

Blended learning means you can study your course with the support you need and still experience some parts of student life at Edinburgh College. During online lessons, you will be able to meet and speak to your lecturers and classmates. When you are able to attend college for face-to-face learning you can put a name to a face and get to know your classmates a bit more. You can then continue these conversations virtually. When you are learning at home, you will attend classes online via video calls and can access course materials through Moodle, our online learning portal.

To learn at home, you will need access to a computer or laptop and an internet connection. The College will make every effort to arrange help in accessing equipment you need to study from home. You will be asked to complete a survey before your course starts to establish your needs.

More information about blended learning for your specific course will be available soon.