What to expect at college this year

Have you recently left school and wondering how college life compares? This year might look a bit different to other years, read our blog to find out what to expect when you start your course at Edinburgh College. 

Animation of laptop with a quote that reads "What to expect when you start your course at Edinburgh College."

Health and safety around campus

For the start of term, it is likely that your course will be delivered mainly online. However, just like restaurants and shops, our campuses have introduced some new health and safety measures to keep you safe if you are required to come in. This includes more regular cleaning, hand sanitising points, smaller class sizes and physical distancing measures. 

Blended learning

We have introduced blended learning for session 20/21. Blended learning is a way of teaching that combines online learning, on-campus learning and off-campus learning. This means that you might attend classes online at home, in-person at a college campus, outside if you study outdoor activities or elsewhere if you are attending work placements. Details for your specific course will be provided to you soon.  

Your timetable

You won’t be in classes five days a week like you were at school, so college is a bit more flexible. For a full-time course you will typically be attending classes three days a week, with additional study time required on top of this. This means you have time during the week for hobbies, spending time with friends, and part-time work.  

What to wear

There is no uniform at college so you’re free to wear what you like! Some courses, like beauty or cookery, do require you to wear a uniform or specific clothing for health and safety reasons. For online classes, it’s likely video calling will be used so remember to dress appropriately.

More independence

At college you are given more freedom and independence, which comes with more responsibility. You will be responsible for your learning and making your own decisions. You will need to make sure you stay on top of work and meet deadlines so remember to speak up if you need help with anything.  

Opportunities to meet new people

At school you’ve probably shared classes with the same people throughout the years. Edinburgh College is a large college spread over four campuses so you will be able to meet, work and make friends with lots of new people.  

Our students’ association, ECSA, run a range of clubs and societies which will give you a chance to experience college life by socialising with your peers and meeting new people. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, for the start of the session ECSA’s activities will be delivered online until it is safe for us to welcome clubs and societies back to campuses.

Online student experience

ECSA run our Virtual Campus, a Facebook group that welcomes all students. Here you can find people on your course, see what the Students’ Association is up to and talk about how you’re getting on. Join the Facebook group here.

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