World of photography discussed at launch of new Parliament exhibition

A representative from Edinburgh College recently made a speech about opportunities in the world of photography at the Scottish Parliament as part of the launch of an exhibition celebrating Scotland’s Year of Young People.

Artist in Residence for photography, Kate Soltan spoke in front of a discussion panel at the launch of the Higher Vision exhibition. Representatives from the field of photography were invited to give their views before the panel, which was chaired by Alex Hamilton of the Scottish Society for the History of Photography. Kate spoke about the breadth of exciting new opportunities in the field of photography and career prospects available after students graduate from their course.

The Higher Vision exhibition, which is on display at the Parliament until 8 February 2019, showcases some of the best images taken by 26 students from schools and colleges all over the country who have completed the SQA’s Higher Photography course in the past year. We caught up with Kate to hear about her experience at the event, her new role as Artist in Residence and her time at the College:

What and when did you study at Edinburgh College?

“I started NC Photography in 2015 and then I did two years of HND Photography which I completed in June 2018.”

What do you think you will bring to your role as Artist in Residence for Photography at Edinburgh College?

“I am very focused on the collaborative side of my projects and I do my best to promote Edinburgh College and opportunities it gives. I hope that my residency will also encourage other students to apply for this role in the future.”

What are you most looking forward to in your role?

“I would like to become more familiar with the industry and people who shape the world of photography in Scotland. I am excited about exploring my projects and practising my skills. I find it really inspiring. I also hope to create a body of work that will be valuable and exhibited at the end of the residency programme. As a part of my residency programme I will be curating some of the college exhibitions and I am really looking forward to it!”

What did it feel like presenting at the Scottish Parliament? How did you feel?

“I was a bit nervous before the presentation, however I was in a very friendly and supportive atmosphere. Also, I was aware that my presentation was about things I had already experienced and this opportunity allowed me to share my experience with other people. I hoped to encourage some of the students to continue their photographic journey.”

What advice would you give to students starting at Edinburgh College?

“I would advise them to stay open-minded and use this amazing time to explore, learn and experiment. The tutors in Photography Department are very supportive and inspiring. Try out new things, you never know where they might take you. Take part in photography competitions, develop your style and find your own voice in the world of photography. Edinburgh College gives you a safe space to study and make mistakes. Learn from them.”

What are your plans for the future?

“As an Artist in Residence I would like to work on my ideas and make them on-going projects. In the future I might apply for a postgraduate course. I would like to develop my printing techniques and gain more experience as an exhibition curator.”