Funding – Your 5 Steps to Funding

5 Steps to Funding

The funding process can complicated and daunting, due to the large amount of reading involved. We have broken down the funding process into 5 easy steps to hopefully get your head around.

Our 5 Steps to Funding are:

1. Check our Funding Tool

Our funding tool is a great way of breaking down all the funding information to find out what is relevant to you and your situation. Use the 3 drop down menus and get a better picture of the funding you are eligible for.

2. Complete and submit an online funding application

Once you have an idea of what funding you may be eligible for, it is time to start your funding application. This can be done by logging into your college application (dependant on your application). You will receive your payments will once you have enrolled on your first day at college.

3. Provide evidence to the college as per requested 

Once you have completed your application, you may be asked to send scans of certain official documents such as your: passport, birth certificate, etc. This is to prove that you are entitled to a particular form of funding.

Funding Evidence Guides:

4. You will then receive an award letter

If your application is successful, you will receive an award letter with a schedule of when payments will be made to you. It is important to keep this safe as this will need to be presented at college in order to receive your funding.

5. Present your award letter

Show your award letter to the student services team at your welcome event or on your first day of college. Once this has passed on your funding will begin to be processed.

For more information on funding please refer to the following resources:

Funding Tool

Funding Guide for general guidance. (2018/19 funding guidance is due to be released in June).

Student Funding and Fees Page

Funding Evidence Guides: