College lecturer releases new album

Edinburgh College songstress Rosie Nimmo is set to release new album Scrapbook this January, with single Clouds Colliding already getting national air time.

The track was written in reflection of the current refugee crisis with all proceeds going to global aid charity Mercy Corps. You can listen to and download the album on Rosie’s website.

We caught up with Rosie to find out more about her musical roots and development as an artist.

What do you teach at the college?

“I teach in the Access to Continuing Education team, working mostly with 15-17-year-olds who are not achieving in school and who may have autism, dyslexia or some other issue which affects their learning.

“I also teach an Outreach group for adults with additional support needs once a week.”

Where did your love for music come from? When did you first start recording?

“I was working as an art therapist in a very difficult job and my monthly supervisor suggested that I took up something I enjoyed doing as a balance. So I started going for singing lessons, with Polly Phillips who also works for the college, and that led to forming my own band, writing my own songs and finding a record producer who was in tune with where I was coming from.”

Tell us a bit about Scrapbook…What was your inspiration for the album? What kind of sound is it?

“Scrapbook is my third album and it has taken us two years as we were enjoying the journey as much as the end product. It’s been five years since the last one, Home, came out and I guess this is what it says on the cover – a scrapbook of ideas and images set to music. A meditation on life including some joyful songs, a couple more political ones with a small ‘p’, and stuff on lost love too. It’s been categorised as folk/country/blues but I think it’s too to give it a category as such its a mix. The artwork on the cover is taken from an etching that I did as an art student in the 90’s”

Which charities are you supporting and why?

“Mercy Corps will benefit from each sale of the song, Clouds Colliding, has already been released as a single with all the proceeds from the sale of that going to them. This song is about the refugee situation so it feels appropriate that the money from that should go to a charity who works with displaced people in war and disaster-damaged areas.”

How has it gone down so far?

“It’s not being officially released until 29 January in the Speakeasy, Voodoo Rooms. However, Iain Anderson of BBC Radio Scotland has already picked up on it and given it airplay over three consecutive weeks which is great news.”

Where can we buy or download the new album?

“You can buy it from me in college – send me an email – or via the downloads page on my website. I’ve not got it on iTunes yet but that will be happening in the next week or so.”