Steph – EC Student Stories

Steph is on her way towards a career in mental health research

Thirty-four-year-old Steph Logan tells us how she’s getting a second chance to achieve her dreams after joining Edinburgh College’s Life Sciences Access (SWAP) course.

“I’m doing something I never imagined to be possible. The best exam grade I gained in school was a C in Higher Biology so I didn’t think I could achieve anymore in terms of education.

“I’ve always been interested in Science and before coming to College I worked as a lab technician from the age of 17, starting at a pharmaceuticals company before moving to the university research sector. While I loved assisting in research and learning lots of new things, I never really felt fulfilled and I reached a point in my career where I felt I wasn’t growing.

“Now I feel like there’s a clear path to my dream of completing a PhD in neuroscience and working on mental health research.

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“The course I’m studying comprises of Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and Prep for Higher Education as well as core skills including Communication and ICT Skills. It’s giving me a different route towards my university course of choice and it’s already paying off.

“I’m determined to make this experience different from high school. I’m achieving things I never thought I could, especially after a 17-year gap from education. I’ve passed all my assessments, even in Chemistry – a subject I never studied at school.

“My ambition is to work in mental health research. I have a desire to understand how people think and how it directly affects their health. And, having overcome anxiety myself, it really interests me.

“If someone was to tell 14-year-old Steph that she’d be coming to College to start a journey to do something like this? No way. I was the shyest person, I had little-to-no self-confidence or self-esteem and I think that held my progress back. I’ve learned to manage that anxiety now and I’ve realised that university isn’t so unattainable – which is something I thought for so long.

“I’m proud to be doing something that I really want, for me. On top of that, I really want to make my son, who’s 11-years-old, proud of his Mum.”