Edinburgh College students and graduates bring Elizabethan theatre costume to Stirling

Photo by Suzanne Coll

Edinburgh College Costume students have delved into a Shakespearean world of farthingales and ruffs to launch an exhibition of Elizabethan inspired stage costumes.

Elizabethan Costumes for Theatre Performance, an exhibition by Edinburgh College Theatre Costume students, arrived at the Macrobert Arts Centre in Stirling this week.

The exhibition features 13 historically themed costumes, inclusive of undergarments and accessories, designed for a theatre or opera production set between 1550 and 1620.

As part of their training, students adopted the role of a costume cutter and maker, working on a period production set and producing costumes and accessories using designs provided by Edinburgh College lecturer Anya Glinski.

The design concept and assignment were carefully structured to give students the opportunity to apply standard theatrical techniques and innovative approaches to their interpretations of the designs.

Anya said: “The students’ work is very impressive considering the scale of the project and the restrictive budgets imposed upon them which necessitated a variety of cost saving measures and innovative experimentation in order to replicate the lavish embellishment so typical of the era.

“During their training students learn how to use historical knowledge and period research to inform their practical production. These key skills will provide them with a toolkit for their future in the industry, whether they decide to work in theatre or film.”

The costumes, have previously been displayed at the Festival Theatre (Edinburgh) and will be heading to the newly refurbished Perth Theatre on 28 February.

Graduate Suzanne Coll said: “Producing the costumes has been both interesting and challenging and has given me an opportunity to develop the skills needed for professional theatre and film work. The project also allowed me to immerse myself in the etiquette and fashions worn by the aristocracy of the period and, having wrestled with the weight and bulk of these period reproductions, appreciate the more casual, comfortable clothing we wear today. I’m really proud to see my work on display as part of the exhibition.”

Macrobert Arts Centre venue and projects manager Elizabeth Fuller said: “We’re delighted to be showcasing the work of these talented artists, as well as adding a new dimension to the Exhibition programme at Macrobert Arts Centre. We have already had some great feedback from visitors to the exhibition and look forward to more people enjoying the array of costumes on display.”

Elizabethan Costumes for Theatre Performance is open daily, from 10am-7pm, from 26 January until 27 February at Macrobert Arts Centre (University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA).

A video about the exhibition is available here.

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