New Student FAQs

What should I bring with me on the first day?

Well it depends totally on the course you’re doing (sketchbooks for artists and instruments for musicians of course!), but the general things to remember include a notebook for taking notes, a pen or pencil, water bottle and your student card.


What should I wear on my first day at college?

The great thing about college is that it isn’t school, so there’s no uniform to wear!* This isn’t a job interview either so don’t worry about getting a fancy shirt. Even though you are preparing yourself for the world of work, we encourage you to dress casual and comfy. College is about having fun and making friends too, so dress for hanging out with your pals after your class and show off your style and personality.

*Some of our subject areas may require you to wear a uniform or personal protective equipment (PPE), this is to ensure that you are safe at college and are wearing the correct gear for the job.

Where should I go on my first day?

At your Welcome Event, you will receive your class timetable, telling you where to go and what time. If you want to a rough idea of where your class is, you can look at our 360-degree campus guides. If you are struggling to find your classroom go to your college reception desk and they will be able to help.

How do I get to know other students?

Other than chatting with other students in your classes, you can pop along to the events being held during Fresher’s Week across each campus. The dates are as follows:

  • Granton 4th September
  • Milton Road 5th September
  • Sighthill 6th September
  • Midlothian 7th September

Head over to the Edinburgh College Students Association (ECSA) website to find out everything you need to know.

How do I get to college on the first day?

There are buses you can get to each campus from throughout the city. Visit your campus page through the menu at the top of the website to find more information.
If you are bringing your car, you can apply for a parking permit by picking up a form from reception. A parking permit must be displayed on your vehicle at all times. A permit does not guarantee you a space at any campus.
We would recommend printing or screenshotting directions to your campus and arrive early for your class. It could take longer than expected to get parked or find your classroom. It will also give you a chance to grab a drink and settle in before starting.

Where do I go if I need any help?

The Student Experience Team can help with advice on accommodation, money management, choosing the right course, finding part-time work, writing a CV, and applying to university. You can speak to someone at a drop-in session 11 am – 3 pm Monday to Friday. Email to find out where to go on your campus.
If you have additional support needs, email Student Experience for confidential support and guidance.

How should I plan my exams and assessments?

Always plan ahead when studying for your exams – it might sneak up on you! We recommend either using a digital calendar on your phone and setting up alerts, or using a paper diary to plan your time.

Where are the toilets?

There are toilets on every floor of the campus, just look at the sign posts to tell you where to go.

Where can I grab a coffee?

As well as self-serve machines in the food courts and by vending machines, you can grab a coffee at the following locations:

  • Granton – coffee shop in the Hub (ground floor)
  • Sighthill – coffee shop in the Street (ground floor)
  • Milton Road – coffee shop in the Club (mezzanine floor)
  • Midlothian – coffee shop opposite reception (ground floor)

What do the facilities look like?

Our 360-degree campus guides are a great tool for getting a first glance at the facilities and rooms within each campus. Follow the links below.

Have we answered all of your questions? If not, pop a question in the comments and we will get back to you.