Skills Boost and Accelerator courses

Start 2021 on a new path!

As part of a unique collaboration, Edinburgh College has launched a range of courses to deliver skills and opportunities to individuals who have been impacted by the economic downturn caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Starting from January 2021, our Skills Boost Courses and Accelerator Programmes offer you the chance to retrain and upskill in key industry areas.  

All Further Education students who successfully complete an Accelerator or Skills Boost course will be guaranteed a place on to a higher level programme at Edinburgh College on successful completion.

Take the first step, apply today and to help maximise your job prospects or lead you to further study.

The East Central Scotland Colleges Collaboration is supported by the Scottish Government’s Young Person’s Guarantee Fund and National Transition Training Fund.

Skills Boost courses

Our Skills Boost Courses are available from all four colleges in the East Central Colleges Collaboration.

Delivered over 4-12 weeks, Skills Boost courses are an ideal way to upskill for specific industry sectors, to enhance your digital skills or to refine your employability and core skills to maximise job opportunities.

Learn more about our list of Skills Boost courses here:

Accelerator courses

Our Accelerator Courses are available from all four colleges in the East Central Colleges Collaboration.

These intensive programmes take around 6-months to complete and are aligned with key priority sectors.  Not only are they highly- sought after qualifications by employers but they could also lead to advanced level study.

Learn more about our list of Accelerator courses here:

If you have any further questions regarding Skills Boost or Accelerator courses, please contact us:

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Phone – 0131 669 4400